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World Book Day

Hello Sapphire Class,

There are some super follow up ideas to World Book Day on this website…

Why not have a look with your parents/carers – we would love to see any pictures or writing that you might like to do.

This is one of Mrs. Hughes’  favourite pages on the website …

There is a short film clip featuring the author/illustrator Petr Horacek.  He wrote A New House for Mouse – our Power of  Reading text (see previous blog post).  He shows you how to draw the mouse who features in this book and other books from the series.

Perhaps you could visit West Kingsdown Library and see if they have these other books by Petr Horacek.  If they do not have them in stock they may be able to bring them from another library for you.

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Power of Reading

Information for parents/carers

Each class in the school is taking part in the Power of Reading initiative. Parents/carers can find out more detail here (please ask for further information if required).

Currently, our Power of Reading Text is A New House for Mouse by Petr Horacek – this week we have completed some super activities linked to this book. Parents/carers are welcome to come into class to see the lovely work displayed in our Power of Reading display area.

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Hello Snowy Sapphires!

We hope that you are enjoying the snow days!

Perhaps you could draw a picture to show Sapphire staff when we come back to school.
Here are some ideas…
The view outside from your window – your garden, your road
Sledging in the snow
Building a snowman
A picture of yourself in your warm winter clothes

As it is World Book Day today another idea is to write some words/sentences about your favourite book or poem with a snowy theme.

Looking forward to seeing you all,
The staff of Sapphire Class

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Sapphire Newsletter – week ending 09/02/18

Sapphire Class Newsletter – week ending February 9th 2018

It has been a busy week in Sapphire Class with various activities supporting learning across the seven key areas of the Early Years Curriculum.  The learning outcomes for the children’s knowledge and understanding of the world have been so pleasing to see.

The children greatly enjoyed Chinese New Year Day.  We tasted some Chinese food, listened to some Chinese music and completed some literacy, numeracy, art and craft, musical and dance activities linked to this theme.  We had lots of fun.

This week we have talked about Shrove Tuesday which falls during half term, 13th February.  These are the key points of the children’s learning

Shrove Tuesday is the last day before Lent begins.

Lent is the Christian period leading up to Easter, when people often give up something.

In the past people were not allowed to eat foods such as eggs, so to use them before Lent began, people would mix them with other rich foods such as milk, flour and butter to make pancakes.

For this reason, sometimes people call this special day ‘Pancake Day’.

Every year, people make pancakes to follow this tradition.

Sometimes, people take part in pancake races (we looked at the picture of Prince George’s Mummy and Daddy as part of continued work on British Values).

We also talked about the Winter Olympics that are starting this week and enjoyed a P.E. lesson linked to this.  We also focussed on the flag bearer, Lizzy Yarnold, who grew up in West Kingsdown and who visited the school as part of her gold medal celebration tour after her 2014 Olympic victory.  We looked at video of Lizzy taking part in the skeleton bob race and discussed how she has used ‘superpowers’ of learning to achieve so much.

Home Learning – see books for work.  Please help your child to complete the work and bring back to school.

Please can you bring named wellies for your child when we come back to school for Term 3.

We wish the children an enjoyable half-term and will look forward to hearing all their news.

The staff of Sapphire Class

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Sapphire Newsletter – week ending 02/02/18

Sapphire Class have greatly enjoyed making a wall display linked to the Butterfly Song.  Their work looks super displayed in the hall.  Thank you to Mrs. Brockwell and Miss Collier for doing this with the children.

We have had some more super phonics work this week and we have been delighted to notice the children doing independent writing during role play activities where their increasing phonic knowledge is evident.  We have had some particularly super moments when the children have been playing schools, teaching initial sounds and diagraphs to the dolls and soft toys.

There has been some lovely work in Maths when using various resources to make boats for our RE display and when focussing on symmetry whilst making our butterflies (see below for examples of symmetry we have talked about with the children).

Thank you for your continued support with reading – please try to continue to read with/hear your child read every evening and at the weekends.

Home Learning – please see home learning books, we would be grateful if the books with the completed work could be returned by next Wednesday.

We wish you a lovely weekend.

The staff of Sapphire Class

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Sapphire Newsletter – week ending 26/01/18

Sapphire Class greatly enjoyed dressing as Superheroes yesterday.  We have been impressed with their superhero approach to learning and how they continue to demonstrate learning powers in their work.

Our reading volunteers provide us with feedback about the children’s reading.  Sue has told us that she feels that our continued focus on phonics and ‘tricky’ words is showing really positive results.  Thank you so much to parents/carers for your daily support. 

Miss Walledge and Mrs. Downe came to our class to see our Maths learning in action. The children greatly enjoyed discussing concepts of number and shape, space and measure with them.

The children have loved singing their song ‘If I were a Butterfly’ and have grown in confidence with each child being prepared to sing solo in front of their friends.  Many thanks to Mrs. Brockwell for teaching the children and for optimising their learning through the song and actions –  eg. R.E. (thanking God for making us special), phonics (initial sounds), knowledge and understanding of the world (animals) etc.

Home Learning – please see home learning books.

We wish you a lovely weekend.

The staff of Sapphire Class

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Sapphire Newsletter – week ending 12/01/18

Firstly, a very Happy New Year from the staff of Sapphire Class.  It has been super catching up with all the news from the children about their Christmas holidays.

We have been very impressed at how well the children have settled back into class and whole school routines.

The children were delighted to be able to share their developing phonic knowledge with Miss Cooper who came to our class to see our phonics work in action.  We have been revising and extending work in this area.

We have also been focussing on number work this week and have been very pleased with the children’s ready recall of work covered last term and their progression into new work.

Today, Sapphire Class greatly enjoyed the visit to the Dinosaur Dome and we have completed various pieces of work around the theme of dinosaurs.

Mrs. Brockwell has constructed a super Polar Adventure role play area.  The children have loved pretending to be polar explorers and visited the school library to find books about polar climates and animals.

Home Learning – see books for sheet linked to the Polar Adventure theme.  Please can the Home Learning be completed by Wednesday 17th January.  Please continue to read with your children as frequently as possible.

We hope you have a lovely weekend and wish you and your families all the best for 2018.

The staff of Sapphire Class

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Sapphire Newsletter – end of Term 2

What a busy time Sapphire Class have had during their first Advent at school. The class have taken part in a wide range of activities culminating in watching a performance of the Key Stage Two Carol Service.  It has been wonderful to see so many Parents/Carers at different events.  Thank you for your support.  Thank you also for your positive comments further to your visit to Sapphire Class to look at the Christmas house and the work the children have been doing.

Home Learning

We have been so impressed with your child’s super work in their creative responses to the Home Learning challenges in recent weeks.

For next term, Home Learning will continue to be set on a Friday. Only bring the book to school once the work has been completed (but by Wednesday at the latest).  The books will then be marked and the new Home Learning task will be set.  Next term the focus will shift to learning tasks/Home Learning book based activities.  These will support work towards your child’s attainment in the Early Learning Goals.


Your child will bring home a book for the Christmas holidays. Please try to read with your child, during the school break.  This will help to keep up the momentum with regard to your child’s reading progress.  Please record any other books read/shared in your child’s reading record.


Please can you re-fill with some new objects of interest, as before, for your child to talk about.  Please bring the Chatterboxes back on the first day of term.

Children’s work

We hope that you enjoy looking at the photographs/cards/craft items that they children are bringing home.

Computing equipment/e-readers etc.

Should Santa bring any new laptops/e-readers (or should you already have any items for which you have no further use), please could you consider donating these items to Sapphire Class.  We would like to improve our in-class computing facilities.  E-readers can be useful, set in large font, to encourage reading.  Please ensure that all your data/information is taken off the equipment prior to passing it on.  Many thanks. 

Next term…

Please ensure that your child brings to school with them, every day:-



Reading book and reading record

Contact book

Home Learning – see above.

Thank you for your support of your child’s education since they started school in September.  It has been wonderful to see how the children have grown in confidence.  We have greatly enjoyed working with you towards the best possible outcomes for your child in their first year at school and look forward to continuing this in the terms ahead.

Thank you very much indeed for your good wishes and cards/gifts that have been received. We are most grateful for you kindness.  We wish you and your families a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful  2018.

Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Brockwell, Miss Collier and Mr. Brockwell

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Sapphire Newsletter – week ending 8/12/17

Sapphire Newsletter – week ending 8th December 2017                        

Thank you for the super Home Learning responses last week. 

We were so impressed with the Advent Calendars that the children completed at home.

This has been a busy and very enjoyable week for Sapphire Class.  Particular highlights have been:

Circle of Light

School Christmas Dinner


PTA Gift Sale

We have been very proud of the children’s engagement during these events.  Thank you once again for your generous donations.  It was good to see so many parents at the Circle of Light.

Despite the busy week, the children have continued their learning through adult-directed input in phonics, mathematics and cross curricular activities.

There has been great excitement this week about the ‘Winter Wonderland’ that appeared in our outdoor area.  It has been super to see the fun that the children have had and the learning that has taken place as they have played and explored the various activities, for example:

creating a train to see Santa and doing various ‘jobs’ on the train

making toys in Santa’s workshop

preparing, selling and serving food in the Christmas cafe

setting up their stalls in the Christmas market

engaging with their peers in role play in the Bethlehem stable

singing and dancing in the Pantomime

We are looking forward to even more super times in the outdoor area before the end of term. Word has spread through the school and staff and other pupils have come along to take a look! We would like to thank Mrs. Clements for giving up so much of her time, with such enthusiasm, to create this wonderful experience for the children.

Thank you also to Mrs. Brockwell for continuing to enhance the indoor areas with Christmas displays and lights. 

We are really grateful to Mrs. Longhurst for her recent donation of books including Christmas stories that the children are already enjoying.

Just a reminder that Nativity Play performances are next week, Tuesday 12th and Thursday 14th December, at 2 pm.  After you have attended the Nativity Play and once the children are changed back into their school uniform, you are welcome to come in to view our Christmas classroom.

Home Learning – see Home Learning books for work on the theme of a Jesse Tree.

We hope you have an enjoyable weekend – the staff of Sapphire Class.        

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Sapphire Newsletter – week ending 1/12/17

Sapphire Newsletter – week ending 1st December 2017

Today, we wish you and your families a very happy Advent season in preparation for the celebration of Jesus’ birth at Christmas.

Alongside all our learning in Sapphire this week:

In Phonics, the children have moved on to work on ‘i’ and ’n’.  Depending on children’s progress and current attainment, work has included reading and writing the letters (graphemes), saying the sounds (phonemes) and ‘blending’ towards reading progress.

In Mathematics, we have been focussing on our number formation and application of our number knowledge.  The children have enjoyed looking at and talking about Advent Calendars.

We have had a super non-uniform/Christmas jumper day today.  Thank you very much indeed for your donations towards the PTA Christmas Fayre and indeed all your donations during in recent weeks. Thank you very much for your support.

Dates for next week

Tuesday 5th December – Circle of Light – Sapphire Class/West-Kingsdown Pre-School – 9.15 am

If your child has not already brought a gift for the Circle of Light, please could they bring this on Monday morning.

Wednesday 6th December – Christmas Dinner

Thursday 7th December – Pantomime for all pupils

Nativity Play – 12th and 14th December

In preparation, please can costumes be brought to school in a labelled bag by next Wednesday, 6th December (see last week’s newsletter for detail).

Home Learning

See Home Learning Books for this week’s focus.

We hope that you have a lovely weekend.

The staff of Sapphire Class


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