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Sapphire Newsletter – end of Term 2

What a busy time Sapphire Class have had during their first Advent at school. The class have taken part in a wide range of activities culminating in watching a performance of the Key Stage Two Carol Service.  It has been wonderful to see so many Parents/Carers at different events.  Thank you for your support.  Thank you also for your positive comments further to your visit to Sapphire Class to look at the Christmas house and the work the children have been doing.

Home Learning

We have been so impressed with your child’s super work in their creative responses to the Home Learning challenges in recent weeks.

For next term, Home Learning will continue to be set on a Friday. Only bring the book to school once the work has been completed (but by Wednesday at the latest).  The books will then be marked and the new Home Learning task will be set.  Next term the focus will shift to learning tasks/Home Learning book based activities.  These will support work towards your child’s attainment in the Early Learning Goals.


Your child will bring home a book for the Christmas holidays. Please try to read with your child, during the school break.  This will help to keep up the momentum with regard to your child’s reading progress.  Please record any other books read/shared in your child’s reading record.


Please can you re-fill with some new objects of interest, as before, for your child to talk about.  Please bring the Chatterboxes back on the first day of term.

Children’s work

We hope that you enjoy looking at the photographs/cards/craft items that they children are bringing home.

Computing equipment/e-readers etc.

Should Santa bring any new laptops/e-readers (or should you already have any items for which you have no further use), please could you consider donating these items to Sapphire Class.  We would like to improve our in-class computing facilities.  E-readers can be useful, set in large font, to encourage reading.  Please ensure that all your data/information is taken off the equipment prior to passing it on.  Many thanks. 

Next term…

Please ensure that your child brings to school with them, every day:-



Reading book and reading record

Contact book

Home Learning – see above.

Thank you for your support of your child’s education since they started school in September.  It has been wonderful to see how the children have grown in confidence.  We have greatly enjoyed working with you towards the best possible outcomes for your child in their first year at school and look forward to continuing this in the terms ahead.

Thank you very much indeed for your good wishes and cards/gifts that have been received. We are most grateful for you kindness.  We wish you and your families a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful  2018.

Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Brockwell, Miss Collier and Mr. Brockwell

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Sapphire Newsletter – week ending 8/12/17

Sapphire Newsletter – week ending 8th December 2017                        

Thank you for the super Home Learning responses last week. 

We were so impressed with the Advent Calendars that the children completed at home.

This has been a busy and very enjoyable week for Sapphire Class.  Particular highlights have been:

Circle of Light

School Christmas Dinner


PTA Gift Sale

We have been very proud of the children’s engagement during these events.  Thank you once again for your generous donations.  It was good to see so many parents at the Circle of Light.

Despite the busy week, the children have continued their learning through adult-directed input in phonics, mathematics and cross curricular activities.

There has been great excitement this week about the ‘Winter Wonderland’ that appeared in our outdoor area.  It has been super to see the fun that the children have had and the learning that has taken place as they have played and explored the various activities, for example:

creating a train to see Santa and doing various ‘jobs’ on the train

making toys in Santa’s workshop

preparing, selling and serving food in the Christmas cafe

setting up their stalls in the Christmas market

engaging with their peers in role play in the Bethlehem stable

singing and dancing in the Pantomime

We are looking forward to even more super times in the outdoor area before the end of term. Word has spread through the school and staff and other pupils have come along to take a look! We would like to thank Mrs. Clements for giving up so much of her time, with such enthusiasm, to create this wonderful experience for the children.

Thank you also to Mrs. Brockwell for continuing to enhance the indoor areas with Christmas displays and lights. 

We are really grateful to Mrs. Longhurst for her recent donation of books including Christmas stories that the children are already enjoying.

Just a reminder that Nativity Play performances are next week, Tuesday 12th and Thursday 14th December, at 2 pm.  After you have attended the Nativity Play and once the children are changed back into their school uniform, you are welcome to come in to view our Christmas classroom.

Home Learning – see Home Learning books for work on the theme of a Jesse Tree.

We hope you have an enjoyable weekend – the staff of Sapphire Class.        

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Sapphire Newsletter – week ending 1/12/17

Sapphire Newsletter – week ending 1st December 2017

Today, we wish you and your families a very happy Advent season in preparation for the celebration of Jesus’ birth at Christmas.

Alongside all our learning in Sapphire this week:

In Phonics, the children have moved on to work on ‘i’ and ’n’.  Depending on children’s progress and current attainment, work has included reading and writing the letters (graphemes), saying the sounds (phonemes) and ‘blending’ towards reading progress.

In Mathematics, we have been focussing on our number formation and application of our number knowledge.  The children have enjoyed looking at and talking about Advent Calendars.

We have had a super non-uniform/Christmas jumper day today.  Thank you very much indeed for your donations towards the PTA Christmas Fayre and indeed all your donations during in recent weeks. Thank you very much for your support.

Dates for next week

Tuesday 5th December – Circle of Light – Sapphire Class/West-Kingsdown Pre-School – 9.15 am

If your child has not already brought a gift for the Circle of Light, please could they bring this on Monday morning.

Wednesday 6th December – Christmas Dinner

Thursday 7th December – Pantomime for all pupils

Nativity Play – 12th and 14th December

In preparation, please can costumes be brought to school in a labelled bag by next Wednesday, 6th December (see last week’s newsletter for detail).

Home Learning

See Home Learning Books for this week’s focus.

We hope that you have a lovely weekend.

The staff of Sapphire Class


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Sapphire Newsletters, weeks ending 17/11/17 and 24/11/17

Please find here the previous two newsletters for information (key dates etc.)

Sapphire Class Newsletter – week ending 17th November 

Thank you to Parents/Carers for supporting the children with last week’s Home Learning task linked to Remembrance Sunday.  We were very impressed with the the photos, pictures and written responses.

We hope that you have enjoyed looking at the class blog which can be found by going onto the school website and following the link through ‘Class Blogs’.  Alternatively the URL is

What super spotty outfits we have seen today for Children in Need – thank you for the generosity of your donations.  The children have enjoyed various learning activities linked to this special day.

Christmas Shoe Box appeal for Romania – thank you for your donations thus far of items including the following:-

combs/brushes/flannels/soap/socks/tights/toothbrushes/toothpaste/pencil sharpeners/pens/pencils/notebooks/roll on deodorant/shower gel/scarves/hats/gloves/shampoo/small teddies, dolls or actions figures

We would be grateful for further donations for the Sapphire Class shoebox – this will be given at the end of November, along with the other class shoeboxes, to Reverend Anne from West Kingsdown Baptist Church.

We thought you might find it helpful to have a reminder of key dates and events.  Please look out on the blog for any updates.

Monday 20th November – School Immunisation Team – flu vaccine to include Year R.

Tuesday 5th December – Circle of Light – Sapphire Class/West-Kingsdown Pre-School – 9.15 am

Wednesday 6th December – Christmas Dinner

Thursday 7th December – Pantomime for all pupils

Tuesday 12th December – KS1 Nativity – 2 pm

Thursday 14th December – KS2 Nativity – 2 pm

Home Learning is linked to this week’s phonics work.  Please see the Home Learning Books.

We hope that you have a lovely weekend.

The staff of Sapphire Class


Sapphire Newsletter – week ending 24th November 2017

Throughout this busy period at school, daily adult directed learning continue to support progress in Literacy (phonics, reading, handwriting, writing) and Mathematics (number and shape, space and measure).  We harness the children’s interest and excitement for the Christmas season by using the Christmas story and themes in their learning.

This week, the children have greatly enjoyed shared sustained learning connected with Christmas.(where adults/children work alongside each other, sharing ideas etc.) and they have also shown us some super independent work in child-initiated play.

All activities leading up to Christmas support our learning in Religious Education and the seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.  Please find some examples below – it is important to say that there are frequent opportunities for cross-curricular learning in Prime and Specific areas.

Continuing our Religious Education work – this week focussing on developing the children’s knowledge of the Christmas story (Literacy).

Continuing to practise our song and movement for the Christmas Nativity Play – reminder of dates/times in last week’s newsletter (Communication and Language, Physical Development, Personal, Social and Emotional Development etc).

Developing role play within our Christmas house.  In order to maximise cross-curricular learning across the seven areas of the EYFS  we are introducing elements one at at time – decorating the Christmas tree (Understanding the World), putting up our Advent Calendar (Numeracy)

Taking part in Expressive art and design activities, for example making stained glass windows and characters for our R.E. display.

Home Learning – please make a Christmas decoration to hang on our Christmas tree so that each child’s efforts are represented on the decorated tree.  Here are some ideas.

We hope that you have a lovely weekend.

The staff of Sapphire Class

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BBC Children in Need – Friday 17th November

As mentioned in Mrs. Phillips’ Highlights, children can wear spotty clothes (or spots stuck onto their clothes).  They can, in return, donate £1 towards Children in Need.

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Remembrance Parade and Service – Sunday 12th November

From the St. Edmunds’ Church webpage

10.15am – Remembrance Parade from the Portobello

10.30am – Remembrance Service at the War Memorial

The Head Boy and Head Girl will be representing our school (known well to Sapphire Class because of our joint Year 6/EYFS Citizenship sessions).  Do come along if you can – link with our home learning this week.

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School photographs – Tuesday 14th November

Just a reminder that the photographer will be coming along to take individual photos of the children this coming week.

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Home Learning – Friday 10th November

Parents/carers – please read the following to your child.

In your Home Learning book, next to the Poppy Appeal sticker, draw a poppy and colour it in.

Here is a photograph of a display of poppies at the Tower of London:

  • Perhaps you could look at other photos of this display and choose one to put in your Home Learning book?
  • Can you find out what these poppies are made of and how many were placed around the Tower of London?
  • What year was this on display?

You could write or ask your parents/carers to help you write the detail in your home learning book.

This weekend, the Royal Family will take part in a special ceremonies connected with Remembrance Day.  Look out for photographs of Prince George’s Mummy and Daddy (and his other relatives) on the internet and in newspapers.

To be completed by Wednesday 15th November.

See you on Monday!

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Chatter Boxes – 8th November 2017

Sapphire Class are really enjoying sharing their Chatter Boxes – thank you to parents/carers for your support in this Home Learning task.

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Harvest Celebration – 27th September 2017

We really enjoyed taking part in the Harvest Celebration today.  All are welcome at St. Edmund’s Church for the Harvest Celebration – this Sunday 1st October.  Remember to take along some coins for the Water Aid collection.  All the monies from the school and church collections will be sent to Water Aid.

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